I have been photographing for a very long time. As a parent now, I want to give a big shout out to my parents for shelling out hard earned money to process all my film, from 3rd grade until I learned how to process my own film.

     Now, I have  the privilege to photograph for such companies as Stella & Dot, Doremus, Holmes Culley, Peaceable Kingdom, Dow, Lloyds, William Blair and many others.  I have also had the pleasure to photograph so many great people, capturing the moments of their big events or creating portraits that speak to who they are fundamentally.

     Whether I am photographing for a catalog or the intimate nature of a wedding ceremony, I bring along my respect for craft, creativity and spontaneity, and of course,  a little bit of humor.

     On the flip side, I still run a darkroom and can be found in there quite often.  My current obsession is the antiquarian process of gum dichromate. I am exploring some fresh territory by applying this process to panel instead of paper. All of my photography work feeds into itself and informs my work by continually adding new elements. 

     After 20 years living in San Francisco, I recently moved my family and headquarters over to Oakland. I still happily serve San Francisco and the Greater Bay area.  

     I hope you enjoy looking around my sites. I look forward to hearing from you!