I have collaborated with children from the San Francisco Unified School District to create artworks, to be auctioned, which raise money for enhancement programs.  Working hands on with the kids, each year I advance their understanding about visual creation and perceiving the world.   We created a large mosaic cyantotype on watercolor paper.  I prepared the paper from scratch and then helped the kids lay some of their favorite toys or plant material found on their nature walks on top of the paper.  I then processed the photographs and mounted them on a plexiglas box.  The children learned about the history of photography during these sessions.

Next, I worked with 1st graders to create a work titled: Childhood. It is a graphite on paper artwork.  Using a spirograph toy and a range of  16 pencil grades we created a child sized form referencing childhood, chakras, space and particles.  It was then mounted on masonite, UV Sprayed with a 1 inch white flush frame and measured 29" w X 53" hX 1.25" d

In 2014, 2nd graders and I created individual ceramic cereal bowls.  They began by creating a drawing of themselves.  Then we cut the drawing out to make a stencil.  The stencil created the silhouette for their image in the glaze.  Through out these steps, the kids learned about the ceramic process and also how to create stencils for other artful purposes. 

Again, I had the privilege of working with grade school children on an art project to be auctioned off. I helped the children paint an acrylic mosaic project centered around the issue of global warming.  We talked about some of the impact Global warming is having, including the melting of the polar ice caps. We Identified that the polar bears plight had become a symbolic one to visualize what is happening and the immanent need to change our habits.  

I have also donated artwork to Art for Aids, Maitri hospice, 10,000 degrees scholarship fund, among others; and, photography to the Stella & Dot foundation, St. Luke's Hospital MOMS study, YMCA Urban Services, and other Bay Area Schools to raise money for scholarship funds.  

I feel lucky in this world and am committed to giving back.